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I’m so excited guys.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been up and about with school stuff.

Ok let’s dive right in.

So Monday was a really emotional day for me. IT WAS MY GRADUATION.

A moment please

Tears of joy


Ok lets go on.

I tell you, it wasn’t an easy one. I had lots of challenges along the way and also at a point it felt like this day wasn’t going to come but…yup “BUT” there was one thing that kept me going and that was THE WORD.

There were times that I was lost in thoughts, thinking of how was going to pay this and pay that (debts everywhere). At a point the pressure was too much for me, I already started having ideas in my head BUT again I fell back on THE WORD. I remember one Sunday in church when my pastor said,” God is your only source and every other person is a channel”. I held unto that word and truth be told, that was what kept me going.

If I am to tell you every detail of how I paid my fees and cleared a lot of debts (I know a few) or how I was able to feed for 6 years in this country, I’ll be lying to you. Sometimes I’ll call my dad and he is like,

“Eniola how are you so calm in this situation”

Can’t say it all here but you get the gist.

One thing I’ve learnt is that, worry doesn’t solve anything, rather it will just make your situation worse. Despite all the hurdles along the way, I was able to reach the finishing line victorious.

All I can say is “It was Jesus 100%”

I just was to use this opportunity to thank my Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Chief Patrick Chidolue, friends and the Church for assisting in every step of the way, be it emotionally, financially, mentally, etc.

No matter what challenges your facing, refuse to give in, fight your way to out of it because for sure you’re victor.

PS: Preparing for it was a struggle (I’ll tell you about it in my next post)



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